So, you’ve been training hard and dieting for weeks… you’re making consistent, on-going progress… your chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs are all looking decently lean… you’ve got some nice vascularity going on…

But there’s just one annoying problem…

That one last roll or two of lower belly fat that won’t seem to go away no matter what you do.

So, in vain, you crank out set after set of leg raises and reverse crunches at the gym… you experiment with special “advanced” dieting techniques… you include additional “fat burning” supplements in your plan… and you search online hoping to stumble on some new, unique strategy that will help you get rid of that stubborn lower abdominal fat once and for all. (That’s probably what brought you here)

Well, it may not be the answer you were hoping to hear, but this is the dead-simple reality…

The Truth About Losing Lower Stomach Fat

Here it is…

There are NO special techniques or strategies that will specifically allow you to target your lower belly fat. The ONLY way to get rid of that last bit of fat is by continuing with your fat loss program and focusing on lowering your overall body fat percentage.

As I’ve covered many times before, it’s impossible for you to “spot reduce” fat from specific areas of your body.

The resistance-based exercises that you perform in the gym only train the muscles that are involved in the movement; they have NO effect on the fat stores in and around the area that you’re training.

Bench presses do not burn fat off of your chest… bicep curls do not burn fat off of your biceps… and lower ab exercises do not burn fat from your lower abs.

Fat loss only occurs on a holistic, total-body scale as you maintain a net calorie deficit over time through proper nutrition and increased activity level.

And due to the way that our bodies are genetically programmed to store fat, guess where the very LAST area is where fat will be burned from? (I don’t even think I need to say it)

So, just because you have some excess fat remaining on your lower stomach doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong or that there’s a specific fat burning technique you aren’t employing properly… all it means is that you haven’t lowered your overall body fat percentage far enough.

The solution?

Stick to your diet plan, keep hammering the weights, and stay consistent with your cardio. Losing lower belly fat is really just about patience and perseverance.

If your overall fat burning progress has plateaued, then you simply need to create a larger calorie deficit in order to stimulate ongoing fat loss.

You can achieve this by either shaving 100-200 calories off of your daily intake, increasing your activity level with some additional cardio exercise, or some combination of both.

As you continue to lean down further and further, eventually that lower abdominal fat will begin to melt away.

One Final Note To Consider

One other side note I’d like to mention before closing this article out is to keep in mind that, for the vast majority of people (even those who are in great overall shape), having some degree of noticeable lower belly fat is perfectly normal.

Don’t let your perception be skewed here…

All those pictures you see online and in magazines of fitness models with ripped 8-packs year-round only represent an extreme minority of the population. It would require a very high level of time, effort and dedication to achieve a midsection of that caliber, assuming you have average genetics and are not “chemically enhanced” in any way.

Wanting to reduce your lower abdominal fat is obviously fine, but just keep in mind that being perfectly flat and ripped in this area does require you to be quite lean overall and to maintain that level of leanness on an ongoing basis. For most people, this is definitely not easy.

Personally, I’m content remaining at a body fat percentage in the 10-12 range most of the time with visible, but certainly not “shredded” abdominals and a bit of extra lower ab fat. The input/output that is required to have a ripped six pack all the time just isn’t worth it to me.

That’s just me though, and the degree of overall leanness you truly want to achieve and the amount of time and effort you’re willing to expend to get there is totally up to you and something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

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