To load or not to load? That is the question.

A typical creatine loading phase protocol will have you consuming 15-20 grams of creatine per day for about 4-5 days straight.

After that you shift into a “creatine maintenance phase” where you simply consume 3-5 grams daily.

The only thing you really need to know when it comes to the creatine loading phase is this…

Whether you do a loading phase or not, your muscles will be fully saturated with creatine after about 3 weeks.

The creatine loading phase simply allows you to saturate your muscles at a faster rate, so you see the benefits quicker. However, it does not provide any “super benefits” above and beyond the standard 3-5 gram per day creatine dose.

So if you can exercise a bit of patience, you’re better off to just go with 3-5 grams a day from the start, since it’ll save you money and still get you the same results.

The creatine loading phase recommendation probably originated with shady supplement companies who were simply trying to sell you more creatine than you really need.

The fact is that supplement companies don’t make very much profit selling creatine monohydrate, and by recommending a loading phase it allows them to sell more product and make more money.

But as I’ve already outlined, the creatine loading phase is ultimately unnecessary and does not deliver any additional benefits beyond the regular 3-5 gram per day dose.

So with all that said, it’s really up to you whether you load or not.

If you want immediate results, then do a loading phase. If you can wait 3 weeks and would rather save some cash, just do 3-5 grams a day.

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