Will creatine make you fat?

When it comes to bodybuilding and fitness, creatine delivers two major benefits to your program…

First, it improves your gym performance by increasing muscular strength and power.

By ramping up the efficiency of your body’s usage of ATP (the primary “energy molecule” in your muscles) creatine helps you add more weight to the bar and execute more reps than you’d normally be capable of.

This increase in performance will then translate to an increase in lean muscle tissue.

Secondly, it volumizes your muscle cells.

Since creatine needs water in order to be stored in your muscle tissue, it essentially “super hydrates” your muscle cells and causes them to expand.

Some people think that this will lead to unwanted bloating, but the opposite is actually true. This is because creatine pulls that water directly into the muscle cell itself and does not deposit any underneath the skin.

“Bloating” or “puffiness” is a result of increased water retention under the skin, which creatine does not cause. In fact, creatine will actually increase your overall muscle definition and hardness.

So, will creatine make you fat?

The answer is absolutely not. In fact, it will actually do the opposite.

Since creatine assists you in building more lean muscle, and since muscle is metabolically active tissue, you’ll actually end up with a faster resting metabolic rate and will end up losing more fat as a result of creatine supplementation.

Add in creatine’s cell volumizing effects (which enhances muscle definition and hardness), and creatine is an ideal supplement for anybody who is looking to build a lean and muscular body.

Just take 3-5 grams of creatine once per day to achieve these effects. You can take your creatine at any time during the day with any liquid you want, and the effects will peak within about 3 weeks.

Make sure to stick to high grade micronized German creatine, as this is the best quality form available. Cheaper alternatives may not deliver the full effects you’re looking for.

– Sean

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