Wondering what is creatine used for? If you’ve been consistently following a bodybuilding workout plan, chances are you’ve heard someone mention creatine before, either in the gym or outside of it.

Creatine has been used for a number of years now and is one of the most popular supplements for promoting lean muscle growth and strength gains.

But what is creatine used for? Let’s get you the information you need so that you can see why you should be supplementing with this substance on a daily basis…

#1 – Creatine Improves Muscle Cell Volume

The first reason to use creatine is because it will enhance the overall level of cell volume by drawing water into the muscle tissue.

As it does this, you’ll get a thicker and more defined look to your body (as the water is in the cells, not under the skin), and you’ll also create a more anabolic environment for growth to take place.

You’ll also experience better muscle pumps in the gym, and while this doesn’t directly translate to new muscle growth, it does provide a nice motivation boost while you train.

#2 – Creatine Enhances Strength

The second answer to the question of “what is creatine used for” is that it will boost your overall strength output. It accomplishes this by making your ATP system operate at a more efficient level.

ATP is the primary energy molecule that fuels each muscle contraction. As the contraction takes place, one phosphate molecule is burned up off that ATP, converting it to ADP.

When you have a fully saturated supply of phosphates in the muscle cell due to creatine use, the body can then attach one of the free phosphate molecules to that ADP, converting it back to ATP again so that it can fuel the next contraction.

As a result, you’re able to lift heavier amounts of weight, perform more reps and increase your overall lean muscle growth.

Proper Creatine Dosing

In order to achieve these benefits, you simply need to supplement with 3-5 grams of high quality German-grade creatine once per day at a time most convenient for you.

You can mix it with whatever liquid you like, whether it be juice, tea or even plain water. After about 3 weeks of the 3-5 gram per day dosing protocol, your muscles will be fully saturated and the full effects of the creatine will settle in.

There you have it: all of the information you need on the question of “what is creatine used for”.

– Sean

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