Beta alanine doesn’t get enough respect.

Although not as popular as creatine, pre-workouts and protein powders, beta alanine definitely deserves your attention.

It’s backed by extensive research showing clear positive effects on muscular strength, endurance and overall performance, and it’s definitely a worthwhile addition to your supplement plan.

What Does Beta Alanine Do?

Beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to increase the levels of a substance called “carnosine” within your muscle tissue.

Why is this helpful?

Well, you know that burning sensation you feel during your sets as your muscles get closer and closer to the point of failure?

That burning sensation is caused by a buildup of hydrogen ions within the tissue.

This causes the pH of your muscle cells to drop until muscular contractions can no longer be produced and you’re forced to end the set.

Carnosine’s job is to neutralize those hydrogen ions. In doing so, the ions are “buffered” and you’re able to extend your set by prolonging the point of muscular failure.

Building lean muscle is all about moving maximum weight for maximum reps, and the better your performance in the gym is the more dramatic your gains will be.

After about 4 weeks of daily beta alanine supplementation, your intra-muscular carnosine levels will increase by around 60%. After 10 weeks, that number will shoot as high as 80%. That carnosine will then be available any time you need it during your workouts.

The study dosage for beta alanine is anywhere between 3.2 – 6.4 grams daily.

However, the research has shown the 3.2 gram dosage to be equally effective and that is the dose I personally recommend.

You can take your beta alanine at any time during the day when it is most convenient. Since the benefits you receive from beta alanine are due to the gradual buildup of carnosine over a period of a few weeks, the specific timing is basically a non-issue.

There are several different type of beta alanine available, and you’ll want to stick to the “CarnoSyn” form. This is the highest grade form available and guarantees that you’re getting pure beta alanine, as opposed to the regular l-alanine that many companies sneak into their formulas without telling you.

What Does Beta Alanine Do: Quick Review

The answer to the “what does beta alanine do” question is pretty straightforward…

Beta alanine increases the levels of carnosine in your muscles which buffers the buildup of hydrogen ions during your sets. This maximizes muscular strength and endurance and helps you gain lean muscle at a faster rate.

For even better effects, make sure to mix your CarnoSyn beta alanine with 3-5 grams of micronized creatine monohydrate.

The research has shown that these two compounds work together in a synergistic fashion to boost gym performance to significantly higher levels than when beta alanine is used on its own.

– Sean

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