Ever since creatine monohydrate was first released, all kinds of new creatine forms, dosing protocols and methods have popped up.

The latest fad to hit YouTube and the bodybuilding forums is snorting creatine rather than the typical method of mixing it in juice or water.

But is snorting creatine effective? Is it a better method than drinking it?

The reality is that snorting creatine is completely unnecessary, and as far as I understand it actually began as a joke on a popular bodybuilding YouTube channel.

The method then spread around from there, with many people believing that it is actually a superior dosing approach.

They’ll say that snorting creatine causes it to reach the bloodstream faster which then results in more efficient uptake into the muscles.

There are a few very important things you need to understand on this point…

First of all, research has clearly shown that creatine monohydrate dissolved in liquid has a bio-availability in humans of over 99%.

This means that if you simply mix your creatine up in a glass of juice, tea or water, nearly all of it will be broken down and absorbed by your body. Because of this, there is really no need to search for superior dosing methods.

Secondly, “fast absorption” is NOT an advantage when it comes to creatine supplementation.

Creatine does not produce any immediate, acute effects on strength and performance. Creatine is a supplement that must be taken daily, and in doing so, your muscles will always remain saturated and the creatine will be available for use any time you need it.

Taking creatine pre-workout does not produce benefits for that immediate workout, nor is taking creatine post workout for “maximizing absorption” necessary at all.

Thirdly, snorting creatine on a daily basis might actually be harmful to your nasal passages.

At the end of the day, creatine supplementation is and will probably always be dead simple…

Just mix 3-5 grams of high quality German-grade monohydrate powder in a beverage of your choice once per day.

That’s it, and anything beyond this is just overcomplicating something which does not need to be complicated at all.

– Sean

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