Does creatine make you gain weight?

In most users, creatine supplementation will result in an overall body weight gain of anywhere from a couple pounds up to as much as 8-10 pounds once full creatine saturation has been achieved.

Full creatine saturation will be achieved after around 3 weeks of daily use at the recommended 3-5 gram dosage. If a loading phase is performed (where 15-20 grams is consumed daily for the first 4-5 days), creatine saturation will occur once the loading phase is complete.

The specific amount of body weight gained will depend on individual genetics as well as the amount of creatine that was being consumed through the regular diet prior to supplementation.

The important thing to remember is that the type of body weight you will gain as a result of creatine use is exactly the type of weight you want: lean, solid muscle mass.

Creatine does NOT cause any type of fat gain (actually, creatine helps you lose fat at a faster rate) or any sort of “bloating” or “puffiness”.

The weight you will gain is a result of two separate creatine effects…

1) Increase in actual dry muscle tissue.

Creatine enhances overall strength and power output at the gym, allowing you to handle heavier weights for more reps. It accomplishes this by improving the efficiency of your body’s usage of ATP, which is the energy molecule used during weight training.

By allowing you to handle increased resistance, you’ll end up building more dry muscle tissue as a result.

2) Increased muscle cell volume.

Creatine requires additional water in order to be stored in your muscle tissue.

This draws more fluid inside of your muscle cells, creating a fuller and more muscular appearance. This of course also results in increased body weight.

However, it should be noted that all of the increased water is intracellular and NOT subcutaneous. In other words, creatine pulls the water inside of the actual muscle cell itself and does not leave any underneath the skin.

For that reason, you won’t experience any type of softness or bloating like some people wrongly claim. In fact, the opposite is true, as creatine actually enhances muscle definition and hardness.

Does Creatine Make You Gain Weight: Review

Does creatine make you gain weight?

Yes, creatine makes you gain weight, but it’s the exact type of weight anyone trying to develop a lean and muscular body strives for.

Creatine increases your strength which leads to more dry muscle built, and it also increases muscle cell hydration for increased fullness and definition.

Don’t fall for the hype surrounding the “new and improved” non-monohydrate forms, as they are far more expensive and have no research to back their claims.

Also make sure to avoid cheaper alternatives (usually from China) as these may contain impurities which reduce absorption and increase the chances of side effects.

– Sean

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