The bodybuilding supplement world is jam packed with an endless number of different compounds and formulas that promise big increases in gym performance and muscle size.

Though a big percentage of them can be chalked up as nothing more than hype, beta alanine is one of the rare few that really is worth looking into.

If you’re asking “does beta alanine work”, keep reading for a quick and to the point explanation…

What Is Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is an amino acid found in the body and is a precursor to an important substance known as “carnosine”. Carnosine is mainly found in fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are the most susceptible to increases in size and strength.

How Does Beta Alanine Work?

By supplementing with beta alanine, you increase the levels of carnosine within your muscle tissue. Research has shown that at a dosage of about 3.2 grams per day, beta alanine will raise carnosine levels by around 65% after 4 weeks and up to 80% after 10 weeks.

The main function of carnosine is to neutralize the buildup of hydrogen ions within your muscle tissue during your workouts.

Hydrogen ions cause the acidity in your muscles to increase (this is responsible for that “burning” sensation you feel when you train) and this eventually leads to muscular failure.

By buffering these hydrogen ions, carnosine allows you to lift heavier weights and continue each set for a longer period of time. The better your gym performance is, the more lean muscle you’ll ultimately build.

Not only does beta alanine look great on paper, but its effects have been confirmed with extensive research as well. This is just a small sample of the available literature examining beta alanine’s effects on bodybuilding and athletic performance…

Study #1
Study #2
Study #3
Study #4
Study #5

Again, this is just a sliver of the research that is out there.

So, does beta alanine work?

According to the objective research we have, yes.

I would also strongly suggest combining this with about 3 grams of micronized creatine monohydrate. Beta alanine is great on its own, but the research has clearly shown that significantly greater effects can be achieved when both beta alanine and creatine are combined together.

Each compound has a unique effect on strength and performance and they work together in a synergistic fashion when combined.

– Sean

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