Looking to learn the most important creatine facts? Wondering what this supplement is all about?

If you’re following a muscle building program right now, the chances are good that you’ve heard some things about creatine already.

But what creatine facts do you need to know? Is this supplement right for you?

Let’s go over the basics so that you can gain a better understanding of proper creatine supplementation…

Improved Strength And Power

The very first benefit that creatine is going to deliver is an enhanced level of strength and power.

When you use creatine, you will find that you’re able to lift more weight in the gym, while also performing more total reps per set before you reach that point of high fatigue.

This happens due to an improvement in the efficiency of your body’s ATP system, meaning it can generate fuel more readily as you perform your session.

ATP is required to complete each muscular contraction, so with more of this available, more efficient contractions can occur.

As the ATP is utilized, it converts into ADP, which contains one less molecule of phosphate. Creatine then helps to saturate that ADP with additional phosphate gruops, converting it back to ATP so that it can be used again.

As a result, you’re able to lift heavier weights, perform more reps, and pack on more solid, lean muscle mass as a result.

It Produces Cell Volumizing Effects

The second benefit that creatine is going to deliver is that it will help to “pump up” your appearance by causing more water to be stored in the muscle cells.

This helps give you larger, more defined looking muscles and creates a more anabolic environment in which growth can take place.

Some people mistakenly believe that the added water will make them look soft, but rest assured this isn’t the case. The water is kept inside the cell, and not outside of it below the surface of the skin.

Additional Benefits

While those are the two main creatine facts to know, also keep in mind that it will:

* Enhance recovery in between workouts.
* Reduce lactic acid build up
* Improve cognitive function
* Improve bone healing
* Increase glucose tolerance

How To Use Creatine Properly

For the best results, take 3-5 grams of high quality German-grade “CreaPure” creatine monohydrate per day, which is equal to about a teaspoon.

You can use your creatine at any time when it is most convenient for you, and you can mix it with whatever liquid you’d like. Juice, tea or water all work just fine.

You’ll notice the full effects settling in after about 15-20 days of use.

– Sean

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