So you’re interested in supplementing with creatine, but want to know what kind of creatine benefits you can expect?

Creatine is the most heavily researched fitness supplement ever released and has been shown through countless trials to assist bodybuilders and athletes in a variety of ways.

Here are the 3 main creatine benefits you’ll experience…

Creatine Benefits #1: Increased Strength And Gym Performance

Daily creatine supplementation will increase your overall muscular power and endurance and allow you to move heavier weights for more reps in the gym.

This is the most important of the 3 main creatine benefits as it directly translates to an increase in lean muscle mass.

Creatine produces these performance effects by providing additional phosphate groups to your muscle cells which allows for an increase in overall energy production.

Creatine Benefits #2: Increased Muscle Cell Volumization

Creatine requires additional water in order to be stored in your muscle tissue. This has a “super-hydrating” effect by pulling more water inside of the muscle cells.

This increases the overall anabolic state of your muscle tissue (muscle is about 75% water) and also gives you a harder, more muscular appearance.

Some people mistakenly believe that the increased water will cause them to appear “soft” or “puffy”, but the opposite is actually true. Bloating is caused by subcutaneous water retention only, which is when water is stored directly underneath the skin.

Creatine pulls water into the actual muscle cell itself, and actually increases muscle definition and hardness.

Creatine Benefits #3: Improved Muscle Maintenance During A Fat Loss Phase

Any time your goal is to burn fat, you have to burn more calories than you consume and create a “calorie deficit” within your body.

This calorie deficit will stimulate fat to be burned but can also result in unwanted muscle loss as well.

By continuing creatine supplementation into your cutting phase, you’ll be able to maintain your strength and gym performance more effectively which will help you spare more lean muscle as you lose fat.

Creatine Benefits: Wrapping It Up

So, just to recap the 3 main creatine benefits you can expect:

– Increased strength and gym performance resulting in more lean muscle gains.
– Increased muscle fullness and definition.
– Greater lean muscle retention during a fat loss phase.

In order to fully obtain these 3 creatine benefits, just take 3 grams of creatine monohydrate per day. Make sure to stick to pure, German grade creatine as this is the highest quality form available.

– Sean

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