What is the best time to supplement with creatine? Should you take creatine before or after a workout?

You’ll hear a variety of recommendations on this one…

Some will say to take your creatine pre-workout in order to increase your strength and performance during the session. Others will tell you to consume it immediately following training as your muscles will absorb the highest amount at that time.

The truth?

Creatine supplement timing is pretty much a non-issue.

In other words, it really makes no practical difference when you consume it.

Here’s why…

Creatine Before Or After Workout: The Simple Reality

First off, creatine has no immediate, acute effects. In other words, you don’t simply pop back 5 grams of creatine and then use those 5 grams during your workout.

When you supplement with creatine on a daily basis, the levels in your muscles gradually increase until they are completely saturated. Once the muscles are saturated, that creatine is available for use any time your body needs it.

For that reason, taking creatine pre-workout doesn’t provide you with any additional benefits.

Secondly, creatine monohydrate has an absorption rate of nearly 100% no matter when you take it. Whether it’s in the morning, post workout, evening or before bed, that creatine is going to find its way into your muscles one way or another.

The idea that you must take creatine post workout to “maximize absorption” is nonsense, as it will always be fully absorbed regardless of the timing.

So if you’re asking “creatine before or after workout?” it’s really not a question worth bothering with.

Just take 3-5 grams of creatine daily whenever it fits most conveniently into your schedule.

Post workout is often a convenient time for most, but if you’d prefer to take it with breakfast, lunch or before bed that’s completely fine too.

You don’t need a loading phase (this is just a ploy to get you to buy more product than you need) and you don’t need to cycle it either.

Creatine can be taken on a daily, ongoing basis for as long as you need.

Make sure to stick to the monohydrate form, as this is type that has been research proven to produce the highest benefits and for the best price.

Just make sure that you’re getting German grade “Creapure” (rather than the lower grade forms from China) as this is the highest quality form available.

– Sean

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