Creatine monohydrate is widely recognized as the most effective natural muscle building supplement available, and for good reason.

Bodybuilders have been supplementing with creatine for many years as a way to increase gym performance and overall lean muscle growth.

But what about creatine and weight loss?

Is creatine a worthwhile supplement if your goal is burn off body fat and get a leaner, more defined body?

The Connection Between Creatine And Weight Loss

In reality, creatine monohydrate should be a staple in your supplementation plan whether you’re looking to bulk up or get more cut.

The main reason to use creatine during  a fat loss phase is that it helps you maintain a higher percentage of your lean muscle tissue while you lose fat.

Any time your goal is to reduce your body fat percentage, you need to create a calorie deficit by consistently burning more calories than you consume.

This will stimulate your body to break down fat for use as fuel. However, unless you’re a complete beginner or very genetically gifted, you’ll always lose a small % of lean muscle tissue as well.

This is simply a natural part of the fat burning process and can’t be avoided. Your goal during a cutting phase, therefore, is to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss.

This is where creatine supplementation assists you…

Firstly, creatine optimizes your performance at the gym.

This helps you maintain strength more effectively, maximizes your training intensity and causes your body to hold on to more lean muscle as a result.

Secondly, creatine keeps your muscle cells properly hydrated.

Muscle tissue is 75% water, and this maximizes the anabolic processes going on within the tissue.

So although creatine does not directly burn fat on its own, it indirectly assists your cutting program by allowing you to preserve your lean muscle.

Not only does this give you the defined, athletic look you’re probably after, but muscle tissue is also metabolically active and burns calories all on its own.

By sparing more muscle, you keep your basal metabolic rate elevated and lose even more fat as a result.

Creatine And Weight Loss: Conclusion

There is definitely a connection between creatine and weight loss, and I would highly recommend following the standard 3-5 gram per day dosage whether you’re aiming to gain muscle or lose fat.

Creatine will assist your cutting phase by allowing you to spare more lean muscle tissue, which will optimize your basal metabolic rate and help you get the hard, sculpted look you’re after.

Make sure to stick with premium quality German grade “CreaPure” creatine.

– Sean

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