When it comes to building muscle, most people highly underestimate the importance of proper nutrition.

You can train in the gym until you’re blue in the face, but if your bodybuilding meal plan is not up to speed you can forget about making any real progress.

The work that you do in the gym is simply the “spark” that stimulates the muscle building process. However, the true magic happens once you’re out of the gym eating and resting.

That’s when your body is actually adding new muscle size and strength in preparation for the next workout.

In fact, a properly structured bodybuilding meal plan can be responsible for up to 70% of your bottom line results.

However, putting together a proper eating schedule can be a big challenge for the average trainee. That’s why I’ve already done the work for you by including a complete bodybuilding meal plan below that you can simply copy and follow along.

The meal plan is based off of:

High Quality Protein: Protein is the single most important nutrient for bodybuilders as it is responsible for building and repairing damaged muscle tissue. Every meal that you consume should be based off of a lean, high quality protein source.

Unrefined Carbohydrates: Carbs deliver much-needed energy to your brain and muscles and also aid in the digestion of protein. For the best results, stick to carb sources that are minimally refined and high in fiber.

Healthy Fats: Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are highly beneficial not only for building muscle and burning fat, but for overall health as well. They also help to keep your testosterone levels elevated, which is the most important muscle building hormone in your body.

Along with the actual bodybuilding meal plan below, you also need to make sure that you’re consuming an adequate amount of water each day. Water keeps your muscles hydrated, improves gym performance, aids in digestion and protects your joints, just to name a few benefits.

0.6 ounces of water per pound of body weight each day is a good guideline to follow.

Here is the actual plan below…

Your Free Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Meal #1 (Breakfast)

2 whole eggs
3 egg whites
1/2 cup oatmeal (dry measurement)
1 large orange
1 large banana
1 tsp. natural peanut butter

Meal #2 (Snack)

1 scoop whey protein powder
8 ounces skim milk
1 cup blueberries
1/3 cup plain fat-free yogurt
1/2 tbsp. flaxseed oil

Meal #3 (Lunch)

3.75oz. lean sirloin beef
1 1/3 cup rice (cooked)
Unlimited vegetables

Meal #4 (Snack)

1 scoop whey protein powder
8 ounces skim milk
1 large banana
2 tsp. almond butter

Meal #5 (Dinner)

3.75oz. salmon
1 1/2 cup rice (cooked)
Unlimited vegetables

Meal #6 (Snack)

1 1/3 cup low-fat cottage cheese
1/5 cup oatmeal (dry measurement)
4 walnuts

I hope you found this free bodybuilding meal plan useful. Keep in mind that each individual person has differing calorie needs based on their body type and activity level, so this plan is only to be used as a starting point.

The plan above provides roughly 3000 calories a day, which is a good level for most beginners. However, if you really want to maximize your muscle growth while minimizing fat gains, you may need to tweak the plan for your own individual needs.

– Sean

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