What Do These Guys Have
That You Don't? The Right Plan!

From: Sean Nalewanyj

Dear Future Hardbody,

I know you've done it...

You've looked at the ripped guy next to you at the gym and thought... "I'll never have a body that good... I'm just not built like that."

Well, you're right.

We are not all built the same...

Some people really do have "lucky genes."

Many of them can gain inches of muscle without training nearly as hard as you do, and without paying any real attention to their diets.

Is that fair? No.

Is that reality? Unfortunately, yes.

But if you aren't one of the fortunate few winners of the "genes lottery," there's something you need to know...

I'm not either...

But I didn't let that stop me from building the kind of body I used to envy.

See, I was naturally weak and skinny my whole life...

Yet, here's a picture of me from High school... next to a picture of me once I made the decision to change my body and life for good...

And I did it in record time.

But here's the best part...

If I knew back then what I know NOW, I could have done it even faster. And that's exactly what I'm going to do for you, right here, today.

So, if you're ready to put all the excuses aside and finally get that jacked up, powerful body you've always wanted...

This May Be The Most
Important Day Of Your Life.

My name is Sean Nalewanyj.

I'm a best-selling author, lifetime natural bodybuilder, online fitness trainer and success coach.

And for the past decade, my advice has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life build lean muscle, lose fat and improve their bodies and lives.

It thrills me to help people overcome a lifetime of insecurity... and watch their lives change for the better right before my eyes.

In a moment, you're going to see some amazing photos of people who were ready to give up... convinced that their bodies were genetically geared for mediocrity - or much worse... but now have the body of their dreams.

But First, Let's Talk About You...

If you're reading this page right now, chances are you're just not happy.

Not happy with the way you look and feel right now.

Do you spend a ton of time in the gym... sift endlessly through online articles, forums and YouTube videos... take all the supplements... and wonder why you still can't get your body to the level you truly want?

With all the hard work you put in...

- Why don't your arms "pop" like they should?

- Why are your abs still completely hidden under that annoying layer of fat?

- How many more sets of bench presses until you finally pack some noticeable muscle onto your chest?

You want your clothes to look as good on you as they do on the mannequin...

You want to feel good about taking your shirt off at the beach, and not have to suck in your gut and puff out your chest all day...

You're tired of watching all the hot women give their attention to the ripped,
athletic-looking guys... instead of to you.

"Just Imagine How Much Your Life Would
Change If You Were A New Man..."

And let me tell you something... If you had a new body, it truly would be like having a brand-new you.  

A better you.  

A "you" with all the greatness you already possess, but with an appearance that screams it to the world.

And once you're the new you...

You'll Feel Healthier... Stronger ... You'll wake up in the morning, ready to take on the day with an energy you never had before.
You'll Look Better... More Desirable... The women you desire will begin looking at you with the same attraction you've always had for them.
You'll Have A New-Found Confidence... No matter what anyone tells you, the truth is that the fastest and easiest way to have people feel differently about you is for you to feel different about yourself.

Well, you don't have to just "imagine" anymore.

The start of your brand new life begins the moment you realize...

You can control the way you look and feel...

You can add inches of lean, rock-solid muscle to your entire body...

And you can strut through life with a new confidence.

Once you discover the real truth about why you've failed to gain muscle in the past, and how easily the pattern can be reversed... you will finally emerge as the powerful, respect-commanding person you've always been inside.

And, here's the great news...

You can achieve your muscle building goals without spending endless hours in the gym... without slaving away to a tedious, boring diet plan... without spending boatloads of money on useless supplements... and without dangerous drugs or steroids of any kind...

In fact, if you simply listen to what I tell you and follow it as outlined...

I Promise That You'll Build MORE Muscle And
See MORE Dramatic Changes To Your Body In The
Next 90 Days Than You Have In Your Entire Life.

Not only that, but you'll start seeing noticeable results in as little as 1-2 weeks.

You'll begin feeling better... Your clothes will start fitting differently... And the people around you will begin taking notice as well.

So, if you're truly ready to take complete control of your body and your life once and for all...

If you're truly ready to get that thick, rock-solid chest... wide powerful back... muscular arms and legs... and ripped six pack abs...

And if you're truly ready to start turning heads and receiving compliments everywhere you go...

Then I believe it is no mistake that you are reading this right now.

And as you read each and every word of truth I have to share with you... You'll begin to feel yourself changing. You will know that you are in control of your mind, you are in control of your body, and...

You Are Ultimately In Control
Of The Way People See You.

You can get that impressive, muscular body that you thought was only reserved for a select few... and I'm going to show you exactly how.

Before we get to that though, let's first clear up some important myths and address a few of the main reasons why you've failed to build muscle in the past, so that you never make the same mistakes again.

The bodybuilding and fitness industry is literally a multi-billion dollar empire... and if you don't have an honest expert to share the real inside scoop with you, you could easily waste thousands of dollars as well as thousands of hours spinning your wheels and getting absolutely nowhere...

Wait! Before You Go Any Further, Make Sure To Grab My Free
Muscle Building E-Lesson...

Sign up today and I'll show you how to instantly make your chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg training twice as effective by making a few quick, easy shifts to your lifting form...

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"Most People Find This Shocking..."

But, the overwhelming majority of the products you see online and in magazines claiming to have the "proven system" for rapid muscle growth are NOT created by real, reputable fitness professionals... they're created by marketers.

Dishonest, money-hungry marketers looking for any possible way to sell you the next "miracle program", bogus supplement or useless training contraption.

To say that they don't give a damn about your results (or even your health) would be an understatement. What's even worse, though, is that in many cases they're actually trying to keep you out of shape on purpose.


Because the minute you succeed in getting the body you're after, you no longer need their products. You stop being a customer. And trust me, they only see you as a dollar sign, not a person.

But, it gets worse...

"They Can Stuff Those Pills And Powders With
Anything They Want... No Matter What It Does To
You... Because Supplements Are Not Regulated..."

That's right...

The bodybuilding supplement industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are not inspected. Their products are not held to any standards. They answer to no one. So, their only job is to sell you a fantasy.

After personally conducting detailed research on virtually all of the top muscle building supplements available on the shelves today... I can say with honesty that over 95% of the products you find at your local supplement store are 100% garbage.

Most have no reliable studies or evidence to back up their claims... Their safety has not been verified... And more often than not, the ingredients listed on the bottle aren't even what you end up getting!

Yet BILLIONS of dollars are spent every year on these products.

Honestly, it sickens me.

It goes far beyond just supplements though...

We've all seen the endless mass of "miracle" workout plans and diets that have come and gone over the years... All involving some "revolutionary" approach that promises rapid muscle growth over night.

Did you ever notice how NONE of these systems stay around for more than a couple years?

It's because they're all nothing more than marketing schemes designed to arouse your interest and pull money from your wallet. If any of them really did work, then they'd still be widely followed.

And what about all of those fancy home-gym workout contraptions you see plastered all over the magazines and infomercials?

To say that using these bogus pieces of equipment would be a complete waste of time, money and effort is putting it lightly. And believe me, I've seen them all.


The people behind all of these scams are NOT muscle building experts... they're marketers... and they're lying to you because the ONLY thing they truly care about "bulking up" is their bank account — it's that simple... and that nasty.

But it gets even more complicated, because in most cases...

Even The People Who Are Genuinely Trying
To Help You Gain Muscle Are Misleading
You Without Even Realizing It!

The Internet makes it easy for any Joe Schmo to jump online and post anything they please... but the vast majority of these people are NOT bodybuilding experts and are NOT giving advice based on real science.

In fact, I'd estimate that around 90-95% of the muscle building information you're currently following on websites, blogs, YouTube channels, forums and Facebook pages is complete and total B.S.

Bad information simply gets passed around from person to person, with everyone repeating and regurgitating the same lies they've been told.

Unfortunately, this makes it damn near impossible for the average beginner to know who to follow and who to trust.

At best, these ineffective techniques leave you with modest results while causing you to waste a ton of unnecessary time, effort and money in the process... And at worst, they leave you with no results at all, possibly even at the expensive of your health and safety.

And here's the craziest part...

Many Of The Absolute Best Methods Available
For Maximizing Muscle Growth Are The Complete Opposite Of What Almost Everyone Else Is Doing!

It's true.

See, there's a part of my own story that I haven't told you yet...

It's about the struggles I went through in my own muscle building journey, and the endless hours of pain-staking research and trial-and-error experimentation that were involved.

Like I said, I was weak and skinny my entire life.

And it wasn't until a painfully humiliating incident in gym class (let's just say I could barely even bench press the 45 pound bar) that I finally decided to do something about it.

I was fed up... sick and tired... and ready to finally prove everyone wrong who said I'd never be able to gain any muscle.

Unfortunately, I had no idea where to even start.

I took advice from magazines, books and other guys at the gym...

I choked back low quality supplements and "weight gainer shakes"...

I tried all the "breakthrough" strategies I found on the Internet...

I busted my ass in the gym day after day trying every program under the sun... desperately hoping to pack some muscle onto my skinny little frame.

Nothing worked.

I had literally turned myself into a human "bodybuilding guinea pig"... yet barely had an ounce of new muscle to show for it.

It was incredibly discouraging to say the least, and I was on the verge of giving up altogether.

Then, I Finally Uncovered The Real Science
Behind Achieving Efficient, Safe And
Permanent Muscle Gains...

When I finally realized that all the advice I was being given just flat-out
wasn't working
, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I stopped putting my trust in "mainstream" bodybuilding information.

I knew that, like anything else, there must be a science to building muscle.

There had to be a better way than following all the conflicting, jumbled methods that I was finding everywhere else.

So I went straight to the source.

I scoured through research papers, exercise journals and peer-reviewed studies...

I consulted with the most respected experts in sports nutrition and biomechanics...

I closely studied the detailed science of training, nutrition, supplementation and everything in between… until I was able to map out first hand the exact methods behind stimulating maximum muscle growth and strength gains.

Methods NOT based on the usual marketing hype, B.S and random guessing... but based on real science and real results.

I Started Employing The New Training And Nutrition Principles I Had Uncovered And Was Absolutely Floored With The Results.

It finally became clear why so many people, myself included, were spending months on end in the gym without any results to show for it.

I was instantly hooked. I watched in the mirror as my body grew thicker and more muscular with every passing week...

My strength and power in the gym was sky-rocketing...

My confidence was increasing...

I was finally walking around with my head held high...

I was getting more attention from women...

Guys in the gym were actually coming up and asking ME for training advice...

And I was receiving compliments from my friends, family and co-workers every single day who could not believe the dramatic transformation I had undergone in such a short period.

The feeling was unreal.

And it all came down to one simple thing...

Having the right plan.

It was just about knowing what to do... and then doing it. Simple as that.

That's when I decided that I HAD to record my methods... I HAD to share my results with other guys who were struggling to gain muscle just like I was...

And That's When I Created...

This is it.

Your definitive, straight-to-the-point, complete muscle building guide and
1-on-1 coaching system packed with over a decade's worth of dedicated fitness research, "in-the-trenches" training and real-world coaching experience.

No hype, no lies, no B.S - just the straight up, scientific truth about how you can gain quality muscle size, slash fat and build strength in the fastest, safest and most practical way possible.

The Body Transformation Blueprint cuts straight through all the over-hyped gimmicks, fads and misinformation that are preventing you from seeing the results you deserve... and puts you on a direct, dead-sprint towards the jacked-up, muscular body you've always wanted.

With the many years of careful effort and research that have gone into crafting this complete plan - and the personalized coaching support that comes along with it - I sincerely believe that this is one of the absolute best investments you could possibly make for your body, your health and your life in general.

Everyone Won't Stop Commenting On My Massive Growth Rate...
"I am just another satisfied customer...

I know it's hard to believe... after 3 weeks, I had already put on 6.5 pounds of lean body weight.

I have just completed my second 8 week cycle and and have put on a total of 19 pounds now!

Everyone won't stop commenting on my massive growth rate and insist that there is no way I could have achieved it naturally. Just for the record, I have never touched or used any anabolic steroids.

Look, you will never understand how grateful I am for your wise words... Your program is the concrete slab that is the foundation of my training... Everyone calls me 'Big Rick' now."

Rikki Dibenedetto

...A Much More Muscular And Defined Body...
"Hey Sean – I've been training for about 10 years now and after reading through your material I came to realize that much of what I was doing before was a flat out waste of time.

After following your training, diet and cardio advice, I trimmed my waist down from 36 to 31 inches and built a much more muscular and defined body as a result.

I wish I had this information when I first started out, as I would have saved tons of money and effort on all of the B.S. programs that I was following at the time. Thanks again!"

Adrian Pace
Sliema, Malta

"I Would Highly Suggest Listening
To What Sean Has To Say!"

"I have been faithfully following all of Sean’s material ever since he first launched his website in 2005. He cuts right through all of the useless hype and crap that so many other sites are filled with and instead provides a detailed, highly effective muscle building and fat burning system that is laid out in a simple step-by-step format.

I have personally used the techniques and strategies that Sean teaches in my own training to get in my all time best shape ever."

Lee Hayward
Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

"By Far The Single Best Workout
Program I Have Ever Had. Thanks
For Changing My Life!"

"Hey Sean, just finished week three. I have spent a lot of money on training programs, diets and help from my high school football program… I LOVE YOURS THE BEST! I have to say by far it's the single best work out program I have ever had.

To be 100% honest, I haven't had a good workout like this is years. I am so happy that I bought your program and will keep you updated on the other weeks. Lifting weights is something I look forward to now. Thanks Sean."

Chris Thomas
Minnesota, USA


This Is A Crucial Moment In Your Life.

I know from all my years of muscle building coaching that you must seize this moment as it is happening. You must take advantage of your mindset when it is open to change...

Otherwise, you can easily fall back to your old habits. Leaving you just as unhappy, unhealthy and unsatisfied as you were before you arrived here today. 

Don't let this moment pass you by.

You're now just minutes from starting a new life!

You'll See How Simple It Can Be Once You
See The Many Truths I've Uncovered For You...

The ONE underlying law of natural muscle growth that 9 out of 10 trainees totally overlook. Ignore this law and your results will be dead in the water. Abide by it, and you'll make rapid progress like you've never experienced before.

How to structure a perfect muscle building meal plan tailored exactly to your goals and body type. No single diet is right for everyone, and if you want to make serious progress then you need to know how to precisely customize your diet to your own individual needs.

One specific type of cardio research-proven to burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional methods. Not only does this style of cardio burn more fat, but it's also more time-efficient, spares lean muscle, controls your appetite and reduces your chances of injury.

The real truth behind the idea that you must “eat big to get big”. If you want to build lean muscle without the excess fat, this sort of haphazard approach should be avoided like the plague. I'll teach you exactly how to eat for maximum muscle gain while keeping your abs year round.

Which muscle building and fat burning supplements actually produce real results. 95% of the pills, powders and potions currently on the market are nothing but
over-hyped junk. I'll show you which key supplements to invest in that actually deliver real, measurable results without breaking the bank.

The best protein sources to support optimum muscle recovery and fat loss. If you're not choosing proteins with the proper bio-availability and amino acid profile, you're hindering your ability to build muscle and burn fat at your true potential.

The best rep range for maximizing muscle stimulation. Go too low and all you'll build is strength. Go too high and it becomes an endurance workout. Learn the precise range for delivering the most powerful growth stimulus to your muscles possible.

The true science behind proper pre and post workout nutrition. This is a subject surrounded by a ton of myths and confusion. I'll give you the research-based facts about what you should be eating before and after your workouts to optimally fuel your results.

Why your current resting period between sets is completely out of whack. If you don't know how long to rest between each set throughout your workout, you may be short-circuiting your training performance without even realizing it.

How many meals you really need to eat per day to build muscle and burn fat optimally. Most "experts" will automatically tell you that you must eat a meal every 2-3 hours throughout the day to maximize your results. Discover why you actually DON'T have to revolve your day around your eating plan to get into impressive shape.

The simple truth about achieving a defined set of six pack abs. Most people in search of those lean, head-turning abs are completely focused on the wrong thing. I'll show you the fastest way to get that trim, impressive midsection you're after.

Why it's perfectly possible to eat "cheat foods" every single day and still carve out a head-turning body. The idea that you have to "eat clean" 24/7 is a thing of the past. Discover how you can fit your favorite foods into your eating plan on a daily basis without sacrificing your progress.

The absolute most effective exercises for packing on muscle size in the shortest time. Proper exercise selection is at the very core of your entire plan, and I'll show you how to map out the perfect sequence of lifts to spark muscle growth in the most powerful way possible.

An end to the confusion about carbohydrates, and which carb sources are best for building muscle and burning fat. Everyone tries to make this a complicated issue when it's actually dead simple. I'll teach you everything you need to know about carbohydrates in relation to your fitness program.

One basic, inexpensive health supplement that virtually everyone needs. It's almost certain that your body is lacking in this one simple substance, and this can lead to low energy, depression and a variety of other health ailments. Find out what it is and how much you need to supplement your diet with each day.

How to execute a proper warmup that fires up your nervous system for enhanced performance. Building muscle is all about moving maximum weight for maximum reps, and the proper warmup sequence will give you a head-start right out of the gate.

How to protect your joints and connective tissues to ensure training longevity. Injuries will stop you DEAD in your tracks. Learn exactly how to achieve consistent, uninterrupted progress by keeping your joints strong and healthy over the long haul.

How fast to perform your reps to optimize muscle stimulation and growth. Most people completely screw this up, but I'll show you the research-proven rep cadence to build muscle as fast as possible.

A collection of delicious recipes that will prevent your diet from ever getting boring. No, you don't have to choke back boring tuna and oatmeal every day to get the body you're after. I'll share some amazing recipes and smoothies to keep your diet fun and enjoyable all the way through.

My recommended pre-workout stack to enhance your strength, energy and focus. Combine a few basic ingredients half an hour before your workouts and you can instantly boost your training performance and your resulting muscle growth and fat loss.

Why dietary fat does NOT make you fat and why it's actually a critical part of your nutrition plan. If your fat intake dips too low, your testosterone balance, mood and energy levels will plummet with it. Find out how much fat you need each day along with the best healthy fat sources.

One simple 10 dollar tool that will instantly help you pack more muscle onto your entire back. You can buy this tool in any sports store and multiply the effectiveness of your back training over night.

Why eating late at night or even right before bed will NOT hinder your ability to lose fat.
This myth has been perpetuated for decades, and I'll explain exactly why it is downright false. Yes, it is perfectly possible to satisfy your
late-night cravings without sabotaging your progress or having to feel an ounce of guilt.

Simple but powerful training techniques to maximize muscle tension and growth. A few simple tweaks to your lifting form can often mean the difference between modest results and outstanding results. Use my exercise video tutorials to ensure that every rep of every exercise is being executed with maximum effectiveness.

Why "muscle pump", "muscle burn" and muscle soreness are NOT indicators of a successful workout.
There really is just one bottom line factor to pay attention to when gauging the success of your workouts. I'll explain what it is and how to implement it with maximum efficiency.

Why performing cardio on an empty stomach is a complete waste of time.
Think those fasted cardio sessions are helping you burn more fat? I'll explain 4 reasons why this type of cardio is totally unnecessary and may actually be counterproductive.

How to properly track your muscle building progress. If you don't know how to monitor your results and tweak your program as you go, you'll end up progressing at a fraction of your ultimate potential. I'll show you what to look for and how to properly modify your approach based on a variety of potential scenarios.

And much, much more...

You're A
F*****' Genius...
"Hey Sean, I downloaded your system a few months ago.

I have to tell you... you're a f****** genius.

I've never seen anybody who understands and explains muscle growth so well and so clearly. My gains have exploded since using your principles. Thanks for all of your continued support."

Oscar Lizano
Georgia, USA

Your Materials Are The Best I've Seen...
"Using your program I've made notable improvements in strength, and am enjoying my workouts more than ever before.

The chief improvement has been renewed confidence in my workout program...

The perception that even after 10 years of training, there is still much progress I can make.

I've seen a lot of advice over the years, and I have to say that your materials are the best I've seen... no nonsense, good advice."

San Diego, CA

"I've Seen An Increase Not Only
In Size, But Definition As Well.
My Wife Loves It!"

"Hey Sean. I've just finished my fourth week of training on your program and I can honestly say that it's for real. I've seen an increase not only in size, but in definition as well, especially in my shoulders, quads & chest. My wife loves it. Sometimes she just starts laughing when I have my shirt off because she can't believe it. I've tried several programs in the past but with minimal results. Your program is easy to understand, simple to follow, and works!

Thank you for making an honest, affordable program that is the real deal. There are so many scam artists out just looking to make a buck, & you are definitely not one of those.

I recommend this to anybody who is tired of trying expensive, ineffective programs that only lead to frustration."

Ryan Matzen
Nebraska, United States

"People Around Me Are
Noticing The Difference!"

"I have been following your program for nearly 3 months, and I have to say it's the best thing I've ever done. I've never made progress like this before, and best of all - people around me are noticing the difference!

So thank you very much! I am already recommending you to friends, and will continue to log on for the latest news! Cheers."

Paul Griffin

This is not a boring text book. There are no tests at the end. But you will come away feeling smart about proper training, nutrition and supplementation.

Smarter about a lot of things. But trust me, none of this is complicated... I hate complicated, because...

"Complication Kills Commitment..."

This is about discovering the right things to do, and not having to wonder if it will work. It's about taking the simple actions I outline and knowing that you're moving closer and closer to your ideal body every step of the way.

I've included everything you need to know to pack on maximum muscle size and strength in record time... I've left out all the fluff and filler you get with most other junky e-books that were slapped together over a weekend by some no-name marketer... And I give you simple, step-by-step instructions for how to do it.

You may have to get used to people constantly asking you what you've been doing to get into such impressive shape, so quickly.

That's because people have become brainwashed into thinking that it takes endless hours in the gym, overly strict diets and expensive supplements to make dramatic body transformations.

Mark my words: you don't need ANY of that garbage. All you really need is the dead-honest truth.

And that's exactly what I'm handing you with my complete Body Transformation Blueprint.

You get instant download access to everything you need to build the perfect body in the fastest amount of time...

Your New Life Begins With The Complete
Body Transformation Blueprint E-Course...


This 259-page, instantly downloadable e-book is your definitive, zero B.S, step-by-step guide to building muscle, gaining strength and burning fat in the fastest, most effective, yet most practical way possible.

"Muscle Building & Fat Loss Decoded" is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format that anyone can understand and implement.

No nonsense, no filler and no fluff - just the straight up, research-backed, scientific truth about maximizing muscle growth and losing fat without spending long hours in the gym, becoming a slave to your diet or spending boatloads of cash on unnecessary supplements.

The course is broken down into 5 main sections that shatter through all the common myths and lies and teach you everything you need to know to structure an optimal plan suited perfectly to your goals.

This complete guide compresses 14 years of dedicated research, trial and error and in-the-trenches experience into just couple days worth of reading.

Then We Add In The Step-By-Step
"No Fail" Muscle Building Workout Plan...


This full, detailed workout guide outlines the exact pattern of days to spend in the gym along with the exercises, sets and reps for each workout.

You won't have to doubt yourself or make any second guesses about your training plan any longer... you'll instantly know that all of your effort in the gym is being put to the very best use possible.

This workout system can be performed at a regular gym or from home and includes a lengthy list of possible exercise substitutions, so you can easily adapt the plan to your own unique situation no matter what.

Along with your step-by-step weight training plan, you'll also be given a variety of highly effective cardio programs that you can select from based on your goals.

And 13 Fully Customized,
Easy-To-Follow Meal Plans...

Proper nutrition will literally make or break your entire program, and these carefully structured meal plans will show you exactly how to eat each day to produce optimal muscle building results.

You'll get 13 full plans starting at 2000 calories and working all the way up to 5000, because no single cookie cutter diet is right for everyone.

These plans show you precisely what to eat for each meal, how much to eat and when to eat it to keep everything as simple and straightforward for you as possible.

You also get multiple options for each meal and a comprehensive list of food substitutions, so you can create a plan that's perfectly tailored for you.

Next Up Is The Science-Based,
No B.S Supplementation Guide...


Supplements can provide a nice boost to your overall results and improve the convenience of your nutrition plan... but only if you know what you're doing.

Because of all the misleading marketing and over-hyped gimmicks out there, most people are totally misguided in this area of their muscle building program and end up
short-changing their results while wasting a ton of money in the process.

The No-Fail Supplement Guide will reveal which select few, research-backed supplements are truly worth your money, including the specific brands and dosing methods I recommend.

I break everything down into easy to follow categories so that you can make the most informed decisions possible.

This information will allow you to employ an intelligent,
result-producing supplement plan and will ensure that you never waste another dime on a useless pill or powder ever again.

And The "Perfect Technique"
Video Exercise Database...


Most trainees think they're performing all of their exercises correctly in order to maximize their gains...

In reality, the vast majority are making a ton of simple, fundamental mistakes that shift the stress off of the target muscles, promote muscular imbalances and increase the chances of injury all at the same time.

Proper form is at the heart of your entire workout plan, and this online exercise database will show you exactly how to perform each movement with maximum safety and effectiveness.

Once you login, you'll get detailed written descriptions along with full motion videos of yours truly demonstrating over 100 of the most result-producing weightlifting exercises in existence.

The database also outlines the target muscles, secondary muscles and equipment necessary to perform each exercise, and is conveniently categorized for easy use.

After That, We Add The Delicious Body
Transformation Recipes & Smoothies Book...


No, you don't have to slave away to tupperware containers full of boiled chicken, brown rice and broccoli in order to get the muscular, defined body you're after.

This exclusively developed recipe and smoothie book contains over 25 delicious, easy to prepare meal ideas that can be easily incorporated into your muscle gain diet...

- Flatout Chicken Fajitas
- Crustless Rich Chocolate Cheesecake
- Breakfast Frittata
- Baked Swedish Meatballs
- Thai Fish Cakes
- Protein Banana Bread
- Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Omelet
- Mexican Chicken & Black Bean Salad
- Protein Fudge Balls
- Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken
- Middle Eastern Chicken
- Mushroom Steak
- Oatie Protein Bars
- Protein Wrap
- Salmon Cakes
- Rosemary Chicken Skewers
- Berry Madness Smoothie
- Mover & Shaker Smoothie
- Tropical Blast Smoothie
- Fuzzy Navel Smoothie
- Chocolate Banana Shake
- Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie
- Raspberry Ripple Smoothie
- Chocolate Mocha Shake
- Apple Mint Cooler Smoothie
- Banana Milkshake

You get the full ingredient lists... nutritional information... and step-by-step instructions for preparing everything from a quick breakfast to take on the run, to multiple-course dinner meals, to delicious desserts and smoothies.

And The Printable Muscle Growth
Progress Tracking Booklets...


If you aren't carefully tracking your progress in detail each week, it's like shooting darts with a blindfold.

You won't know for sure if you're progressing at your maximum potential, and you won't be able to properly identify areas of your program that could use improvement.

If you really want to see the best muscle building results possible, tracking and tweaking your approach is a must. With the BTB Progress Trackers, you're getting a...

  • Workout Logbook
  • Nutrition Planner
  • Supplement Organizer
  • 12 Week Progress Tracker
  • Goal Planner
  • Body Measurement Graph

These 6 printable progress tracking booklets will help you stay motivated and on track towards your ultimate fitness goals.

Every Step Of The Way, I'll Be
There To Personally Guide You...


This module alone is worth more than the price of the entire package combined.

Once you sign up and become a member today, you'll have me and my 14 years of dedicated research, training and personal coaching experience in the fitness field on your side - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - guiding you every step of the way as you progress through your muscle building journey.

I'll be there to answer every single question you have... to address any concerns that come up... to help you customize any aspects of the program if necessary... to keep you motivated, accountable and on-track at all times... and to be there as your friend and mentor as you move forward from week to week.

This ensures that you see the fastest results possible, and that you're never left confused or wondering about ANY aspect of your program, from training to nutrition to supplementation and everything in between.

And these aren't pre-canned answers or some phony support team pretending to be me... all of your questions will land directly in my private coaching inbox and I'll personally reply within a day or two.

Consider me your new online personal trainer!

On Top Of All Of This, The Body
Transformation Blueprint Is Never Out Of Date...


Anyone who tells you that their bodybuilding system is set in stone is NOT giving you the best information out there.

New training and dietary techniques are always being tested and tweaked, and new research is always being released and reviewed on an ongoing basis. That's the way science works, and if you want to stay on the cutting edge, you need to pay attention to the latest information.

That's why, in addition to everything that's already included, you'll also receive free updates to the program whenever it is expanded.

As I add even more sections and features to the e-book, workouts, meal plans, supplement guide, video exercise database or any other modules, you can update your copy at no cost.

If new research surfaces or new muscle building or fat burning techniques are discovered that I think you should know about, I'll simply upload it to the member's area and you'll be able to instantly access it and apply it to your program for even better results.

41 Years Old & In The Best Shape Of My Life...
"I bought your program a while back... I had been training pretty hard for a few months and read your web page and the 2–3 chapters first - that started pretty good... But the key for me was the chapters on eating - when, how and what.

In the month or so since I got the program I am up about 10lbs! The best part is... it's all muscle!

I am 41 years old and in the best shape of my life now…. I even competed in an all natural bodybuilding show last summer!"

Jeff Schrier
Florida, USA

...The Most Impressive Results Ever...Your Book
Is A Masterpiece...
"I had followed some other plans in the past and they didn't work...
None of the concepts or plans these other guys promote match the effectiveness of the ones you put forward.

I must say, your program offers the most impressive results ever.

People are baffled by the fact that I've made such incredible progress......A lot of them think I'm taking some kind of special drugs! It feels great to hear people saying, 'William, you are getting bigger and bigger every time'.

It's good to witness the fact that I keep growing, and the people around me just work their asses off and stay the same. Sean, you are the best coach, and your program is a masterpiece."

William Tsang
Hong Kong

"I've Already Gained 18 Pounds... So Many People Want To Be My Training Partner!"

"Hey Sean, my name is Jack and I'm a physiotherapy student at York SJ John in England. I got your program just after Christmas and read it cover to cover in a single night. Totally awesome... I've never read anything before that was so straight to the point and truthful. Cheers."

Jack Hurley
York, England

An Update From Jack...

"Hey Sean, hope you're okay and having a good week. I'm just writing to you to let you know about my progress with the program... A big thank you for putting this system together. I've been doing the training program for 10 weeks, and I've gained 18lbs! I'm very happy with this, and people have been complimenting me on the way I'm looking. So many people want to be my training partner! Thanks Again!"

"Just Finished Reading Through
Your Program - Amazing."

"Sean, Ryan from Connecticut, just finished reading through your program - amazing. To think of all the money I wasted on endless magazines that were full of BS unless you were using steroids or GH.

The way you applied your research into a simplistic format made it, well, close to brilliant.

I'm not writing this to inflate your ego, but if you've trained as hard I've had over the years and suddenly realize a great portion of that training was actually minimizing your progress you'll understand my enthusiasm."

Ryan Murray
Connecticut, United States

"Wow, This Is Exactly What I Need To
Transform My Body From Weak And Out Of
Shape To Ripped, Strong And Muscular.
But What If It Doesn't Work For Me?"

Mark my words: The ONLY way this system will not work for you is if you don't implement it as outlined.

The Body Transformation Blueprint has been used successfully by thousands of people in over 60 different countries just like you... and is based on proven, scientific principles that literally cannot fail when consistently followed.

And because I lay everything out in such a simple, easy-to-follow manner, anyone can stick to it regardless of their situation.

But... even with all that said... I still want to take all of the risk off your shoulders and show you that I'm 100% committed to your success...

The reason I offer this guarantee is simple: the program works.

I've had this guarantee firmly in place since day one and have always stood behind it 100%, because I know that once you put this system into action you'll be thrilled with the results.

"Alright, I'm On Board. I Want Serious Muscle Growth And I Want It Fast. I'm Investing In
The Body Transformation Blueprint. But How
Much Does This Complete Package Cost?"

When you considering everything you're getting here... the 259-page e-course... the personal one-on-one coaching... the step-by-step workout routine, 13 meal plans and detailed supplement guide... the recipes and smoothies, video tutorials and progress trackers... the lifetime updates... and you compare it to what you get elsewhere...

You think it's going to be pricey. I understand that.

But I can promise you... it costs much less than it's worth, and much less than you think.

Here's what it's NOT going to cost...

$8000 a year for an average Joe personal trainer. It's true. $50 per session... 3 times a week... that's a yearly bill of about 8 grand. Hardly worth it, especially considering that most trainers use highly outdated methods and get their certification over nothing more than a couple of weekend courses. My program will teach you far more than a typical personal trainer knows, and for a much smaller one-time investment.

$1000 for a piece of home-gym equipment. Most of the "breakthrough" equipment you see on TV and in the magazines will do nothing more than drain your bank account while actually delivering weaker results than you could obtain using basic, straightforward free weight equipment, and my program.

$500 for a 1 year gym membership. Obviously there's nothing wrong with having a gym membership, but it isn't going to do you any good at all unless you have the proper training plan and diet to go with it. It's not surprising that the statistics show that over 90% of people with gym memberships actually workout an average of 2 days per week or less.

$150 for the latest combination of "miracle supplements". I've said it before, but the honest truth is that 95%+ of the pills, powders and potions lining the shelves at your local supplement store are nothing more than over-priced, over-hyped junk. A select few supplements certainly have their place (you'll learn about them in my program), but they are few and far between.

You won't pay anywhere near those prices, and you're getting so much more.

With The Body Transformation Blueprint, you're going to experience muscle building and fat burning results exponentially above and beyond what any of those items above could ever get you, and for a single one-time payment of only $127.

"Wait, Here's A Last-Minute Discount Offer"

Listen, I really want to get this complete muscle building program into your hands for as low a price as I possibly can... and although $127 is already an awesome value for everything that's included, I just thought of an easy way to discount the price even further for you...

You'll notice that there are a handful of amazing testimonials on this page from guys all around the world who completely transformed their bodies and lives using this system... but the truth is that this is only a tiny fraction of the people I've helped.

See, I never hear about the vast majority of Body Transformation Blueprint success stories. Most tend to be very private about sharing their muscle building story online... and it's often like pulling teeth to get them to agree to me posting their "before" pictures on my website.

So, I need your story!

I have no way of holding you to this promise... But if you give me your word that you'll document your muscle building results and send me your success story after this system has worked its magic on you...

Then EVERYTHING listed here...
The ENTIRE Body Transformation Blueprint...

It's all yours for a single, one-time payment of just $77.

No catches, no hidden costs, no strings attached.

Just $77 in exchange for a brand new ripped and muscular body... more confidence... more energy... and better health than you've ever had before.

Just $77 to change your life... and to help you create a brand new you...

This truly is an amazing value, especially when you consider that this price is...

  • Less than one hour with an average personal trainer.
  • Less than a 1 month supply of protein powder.
  • Less than an average 30-day gym membership.

And my program is a single, one-time investment... not a recurring monthly payment.

After you purchase, it's yours to keep forever.

In fact, once you start implementing The Body Transformation Blueprint and follow the advice as outlined, it will actually pay for itself AND end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

The reason for this is simple: once I cut through all the gimmicks, myths and lies you've been exposed to all these years, you'll NEVER end up wasting another dollar on a useless supplement, service or product you didn't truly need.

"Truly Awesome That All This Info Is Packed In Such A Low Price!"

"Sean, Thank you so much for putting together the most comprehensive set of instructional material available.

After reading your book I have realized the reasons I have not succeeded and in most cases ended up with an injury, or lack of motivation.

The information spelled out in your book is amazing, informative, simple to understand and it makes sense. The additional material is just as helpful. It is truly awesome that all this information is packed in such a low price. Thank you for the savings and the education."

Donovan L Foster
Missouri, United States

"I've Been Banging My Head
Against A Brick Wall Until Now!"

"Sean, all I can say is a big thank you for putting together this "Fitness Bible!" I have been training for two years now and the results have been up and down to say the least. In fact, just before I purchased your program I was ready to quit due to the lack of correct information out there.I've been banging my head against a brick wall until now.

I've read your program three times all the way through and will continue reading again and again... It's simply the most honest and reliable piece of information out there.

Since using your program for only 3 weeks I am already starting to look better. All the best!"

Andrew King
United Kingdom

Right Now You're Staring At
A Fork In The Road...

You can leave this website and continue to feel unhappy and insecure with your body...

You can give in to laziness and keep on dreaming about that impressive body you
want so badly rather than actually going out and getting it...

You can continue pulling your hair out in frustration with your current routine, keep
on searching for that "miracle pill" that doesn't really exist...

Or simply give up altogether.


You can take a stand, right here, right now.

You can put all of the excuses aside, make a change, and start building your dream body TODAY.

You can go through my entire system risk-free for a full 8 weeks, start applying the proven strategies that I outline... and watch as your body, your mindset and
your entire life continues to improve with each day that passes.

In just a matter of weeks you'll be turning heads and getting compliments... I guarantee it!

Imagine waking up, just weeks from today...

You look in the mirror...

It's a whole new person... a new you. Everything great about you is still there, but you're better than you ever were before... strong... powerful... more attractive... and totally in-charge.

And you know that every single day you can enjoy the overwhelming feelings of pride, confidence and satisfaction that will result from your brand new body.

Just imagine what that is going to do for your life...

Now, if you think this isn't for you, I sincerely wish you all the best and thank you for giving this page a read-through... Something this life-changing is not for everyone. It takes someone who is truly sick and tired of living the way they are now.

But if you are ready to experience all of the wonderful feelings that a ripped, powerful, muscular body will bring you...

"Here's What You Need To Do Right Now."

Just Click The "Add To Cart" Button Below.

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Once your payment is processed you’ll be instantly forwarded to our secure members-only download area. There you’ll gain instant access to the complete Body Transformation Blueprint package.

Remember… there’s no waiting involved. No physical products will be shipped.

The reasons for this are simple: The program can be downloaded instantly, and there are no printing and shipping costs. That means you're receiving this entire package at a fraction of what it would cost if it were all in hardcover format, and you won't have to sit around for 3 weeks waiting for a UPS truck to arrive.

Not only is the program compatible with both PC and MAC computers, but if you run into any problems whatsoever, my support team will promptly assist you.

This system runs 24 hours a day, so you can still gain instant access even at 3 in the morning.

Just click the secure order link below to download this complete package and get started today…

I look forward to meeting you and personally guiding you towards your muscle building goals.

I'll see you on the other side...


P.S. Remember, with my full 100% money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can try the program out risk-free for an entire 2 months, and if you aren't thrilled with the results, I'll refund every penny AND you can keep the entire program free of charge.

P.S.S. $77 is without a doubt the lowest price this program will ever be offered for. It truly is an incredible value for everything that is included.

P.S.S.S. If you have a question that wasn't answered on this page, just shoot me an email to sean [at] seannal.com and I'll get back to you right away.

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